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Politically incorrect guide to the Presidents – book review

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the Politically incorrect guide to the presidents…what the heck happened?!

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I love the politically incorrect guides! And I strongly recommend the Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution, the Politically incorrect guide to Capitalism, the Politically incorrect guide to American History, for anyone involved in gun rights activism, or the liberty movement. All of these are great books for gaining a libertarian perspective on american government and history.

But…. the Politically incorrect guide to the presidents really falls short. Things were going great for the first 40 or so presidents but then George W. Bush got a B+ rating on his adherence to the constitution! How does the man responsible for the Department of Homeland security and the TSA get anything other than a D on his adherence to the constitution?!

So fellow liberty readers I’m recommending leaving this one on the shelf. I’m waiting for the audio version of Judge Napolitano’s new book on the president

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