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I find it dificult to come up with a good idea for a links page when American Gun Owners Alliance does such an excellent job. Their page is comprehensive. They have a link to every 2A orginazation in the country. They post and analyze every new gun control bill in the country. And lots of other pages as well so if you are looking for something that isn’t here it’s probably there.

I have a guests page with links to their websites and an appearences page with links to podcasts I’ve been a guest on. I’m working on a directory of firearms podcasts so …. staytuned

That being said if you would like something added send me a message

National Progun groups

Some places I’ve been published … hmm I should work on expanding that


NSSF has a database of places to shoot

Places to Shoot


Ranges I’ve visited


Rob Morse’s blog

Slow Facts Blog by Rob Morse

Gun New Agregators


the gun feed


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