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Franklin Armory’s F-17 17 WSM AR

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Franklin Armory’s F-17

I love Franklin Armory for their defiant attitude and their determination to produce legal firearms for restrictive jurisdictions such as California, Colorado, Connecticut, and New York.

I got to look at their F-17 at the 2015 Shot show. While I haven’t fired this gun I am wanting for it. As much for what it represents as for what it is.

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Because it is a rimfire it is legal to use at NJ Fish and Wildlife ranges. As hunters from NJ know only rimfire, muzzleloaders and shotguns are allowed at these ranges so normally you need to find somewhere else to shoot your AR. And all gun owners from NJ know it is rather hard to find a place to shoot, let alone a place to shoot 100y or more.

From what I’ve been told this gun also falls outside the purview of NY’s safe act, because it is rimfire and so there are no concerns about magazine capacity, stocks, or pistol grips ….don’t take my word for this check with someone confident in their understanding of the safe act. And then if you would introduce me to them because I have yet to meet someone who is confident in their knowledge of the safe act.

There are lesser restrictions on rimfire rifles in CA as well.

As I said I did not get to shoot the Franklin Armory F-17 but the  folks at varminter magazine have

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