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Listeners are asking me all the time about starting a podcast, blog or side hustle. It doesn’t surprise me, the world is becoming a hostile place for gun rights advocates I’ve seen more than a few of my friends have lose their jobs for nothing other than being pro-gun and pro-liberty.

Many more live in fear of reprisal for being outspoken about the right to self defense. Many are so scared about losing their income that they don’t speak out at all.

Preparing now and having a secondary source of income, having multiple streams of income is a good plan. So I put this page together to help my fellow gun owners step out from the shadows of oppression we live under(is that too dramaict? hmm maybe) . We have the right to free speech, we have the right to bear arms and when we take responsibility for our own income we can exercise it more freely.

Before I tell you about all the tools I’ve used to create this podcast, I want to thank the folks over at Self Defense Radio Network, even though I am not a member of that network they have all been very willing to help me get started. They have been a great resource for me as a podcaster and they provide a great service to the firearms community.

Now from time to time I come across a pro-gun entrepreneur that’s really making it online, AND that’s willing to share their secrets. when I do I send it to email subscribers so make sure you are signed up the get emails

Below are the tools I used to start my podcast. Many of these links are affiliate links, which means if you sign up with them through these links I earn a small commision. Some of these are services I use myself, some are links I would use if I could start over (podcastwebsites) and some are services I would use if it was possible to get better band width living fulltime in the RV.

Webhosting I’ve been using godaddy.com to host my website for more than 5 years. They have a managed wordpress product that I find easy to use and set up.

Podcast Hosting – There are many podcast hosting  options out there,  I chose libsyn very reliable and easy to use. It includes a player you can use on your website and even has some social media managagement tools

Podcast Websites– Even though I use godadday and Libsyn if I were to start all over I would seriously consider going with Podcast Websites. This is an all in one service that provides web hosting, backups, security, and podcast hosting, tutorials on how to set up your podcast and perhaps most importantly support! I once spent 10 hours on hold with godaddy trying to figure out whether it is them, wordpress or amazon that was causing my problem with podcastwebsites you won’t have that problem It costs a bit more than doing it all separately  but …. much less headache too.  And there ya go I just almost convinced myself to switch……again

Email Management Mailchimp is an excellent tool for gathering, and managing emails.  The best part is that you can have up to 2000 for free, which allows you to use almost all of their tools for free.

MembershipPatreon is an excellent platform for managing monthly subscriptions

Podcast recording – Many, possibly most, podcasters record their interviews with SKYPE ….where I am I don’t have enough bandwidth. So I use Audio Acrobat, it is very easy to use and while sound quality is better with skype and other an external recorder….. I can use this anywhere any time and everyone I could ever want to talk to has a the equipment necessary to participate. If I had better bandwidth I would use zencastr, this is a really easy to use piece of online software. When it is time to record you send your guest a link, and you are ready to record.

Podcast Editing – I use audacity to edit my podcasts, it is easy to use works in windows or mac and its FREE!

Scheduling – I chose scheduleonce to manage my calendar. This is a really handy tool, because is eliminates the back and forth that tends to happen when trying to make an appointment. When I invite someone to be a guest I send them a link, then they select a time that I have available, then they get a message letting them know about the podcast and a series of reminders leading up to the show. It is very helpful and has saved me a tremendous amount of time.

Recording Equipment – Recording software, equipment and editing are the reasons it took me so long to start podcasting. I let my fear of this stuff keep me from starting for FIVE YEARS ….. don’t let this stuff stop you. After $300+ of experiments I use this $10 mic plugged into my phone to record the conference calls that become my podcast episodes.


I took 3 classes to help me prepare for this little venture

Podcaster’s Paradise  – John Lee Dumas has an excellent program that teaches you how to create, grow, and monetize your podcast. If you want a systematic, step-by-step resource showing you absolutely everything you need to know , plus access to an exclusive community of knowledgeable podcasters who want to help you succeed, Podcasters’ Paradise is the place. I know: I am myself a member. I was concerned before starting this class that my pro-gun content would be an issue. It was not, the instructors and members were professional, helpful, and neutral so much so that 4 months later …..I’m not sure how they feel about guns 🙂

No Product No Problem I found out about this course through Tom Woods so you KNOW he is pro-gun and not only does he support your rkba rights he can teach you to make money with affiliate marketing he has taught over 123,000 people. The class is a systematic step by step approach to affiliate marketing you’ll make more money faster if you take this course.

Firearms and Combatives Training

Allan Wolf I’ve been taking private lessons with Allan Wolf for about five years now, I can’t say enough good things about him. If you live in the Lancaster PA area I would reach out to him for lessons.

Sayoc Kali By far the best martial arts/combatives training I’ve found anywhere. They are very selective about who they train, but if you can find a training group near you I recommend training with them if you can.

Panteo Productions There is no substitute for live training still I have learned a lot from my streaming membership at this site. There is a great deal of niche training you may not be able to work into your live training schedule and there are some great instructors that ….well you can’t train live with anymore (i.e. Col Jeff Cooper)


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