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Freedom and Firearms

Terrorist Attack in Gun Free Australia


Gun Free Australia Attacked

I am very saddened for the hostages being held in a chocolate cafe’ and for their families.

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I am especially saddened because this tragedy could have been prevented. Disarming citizens does not make them safer, it puts them at risk.

One of the principals of the art of war is to attack where your enemy is not. Another way to say that is to say attack where your enemy is weak. Another way to say that is to say attack where your enemy has been disarmed.

The terrorist took advantage of the disarmed population when executing this attack.

Even you’re among the portion of the population that thinks citizens can not be trained well enough to use a firearm. Even after say completing the curriculum at gun for hire or tactical response. And if you are among that group then I would guess you have never met the women of S.A.W but…. Even if you believe that citizens can not defend themselves, the mere presence of a firearm provides a deterrent.

In the end the cafe’ manager and the barista were killed by the hostage taker. Many will argue that we can’t know for sure whether or not the outcome would have been different if either of them had been armed. But self preservation was a their right, they had a right to try and protect their lives, and that right was denied them by their state.