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Tactical Pen Review

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Tactical Pen? Why bother?

If your not from NJ, or some other anti-gun state, you may find the idea of a tactical pen laughable. You might find yourself thinking why bother with a pen, why not a proper firearm….. But many are forced go about their daily lives unarmed and in those instances knowing defensive tactics, even tactics involving a pen, can be lifesavers.

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For many years I have found myself having to travel unarmed. This owing mostly to NJ’s anti-carry laws. In NJ, NYC and a few other areas even carrying a knife can lead to legal troubles.

My defensive pen education came from Gun For Hire training academy’s course taught  by Atienza Kali. This is an excellent course, a 1 day seminar that leaves the student with practical defensive pen skills that can be practiced and if necessary used to ward off an attack.

Since taking this course more than a year ago I have paid special attention to the pens I cary and use. I think of them differently wondering how they will handle the force of impact. Wondering if they will splinter or snap.

I’ve tried, that is I have practiced with and carried three different bands and models of tactical pens this past year and my reviews are below.

United Cutlery Tactical Pen

I found myself carrying this pen more than others. There was to cap to come loose as there was with the smith and wesson, though it does tend to come apart when clicped to the inside of my pant pocket. The pen does not have an intimidating appearance, it writes nicely and its metal construction feels sturdy. It is shorter than either the smith and wesson on the Anza, but other than that is a fine writing instrument and good defensive tool.


Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen

I was expecting this to be my favorite of the tactical pens. Perhaps because it was so frequently mentioned on GUn for Hire Radio…. and there are many things I like about this tactical pen. It is the longest of the three pens giving it an advantage in defensive situations and it also seems to be the nicest looking of the three, based on this being the only one that received compliments. And compliments not withstanding the pen didn’t draw any negative attention. The pen’s one draw back was that it tended to come loose from its cap when I kept it in my pants pocket. This leaves me after a years time with some capless torpedo shaped pens.

Self Defense Guardian Executive Tactical Ink Pen

My least favorite of the three, also the least expensive. There were many drawbacks with this pen. First as a pen it didn’t function properly. It was just as likely to thread apart as it was to thread open, and it didn’t write well. As a defensive instrument, well, it looks rather fierce but that is about all it has going for it. And really thats not a great feature to have in a clandestine defensive tool. Plus the back end of this pen does not lend itself well to striking, its not sharp but it will surely make its mark on the palm or thumb of the striker.

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