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Why Gun Laws don’t make gun sense – part 2- Pencil twirling is an act of violence

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Why Gun Laws don’t make gun sense – part 2- Pencil twirling is an act of violence

So of course it is illegal to bring guns to school! I mean what kind of extremist would argue against that? We can just set aside the fact that we made it all the way through the 1960’s with kids brining their shotguns to school so they could go deer hunting after…. and leaving them in their lockers. And we made it through most of the 1990’s with kids bringing their hunting rifles to school as long as they left them in the principal’s office. Not to mention all the school shooting teams

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More than 200 years and its not an issue. Thank goodness we solved that problem, but what do we have in its stead? Well a zero tolerance towards weapons and violence of course. This all sounds well and good until your 14 your old gets sent home for twirling his pencil…..

In April of 2014 a student was suspended for twirling his pencil in class, this act frightened and intimidated his class mate and so he was suspended and subjected to 5 hours of physical and mental evaluation. While not technically an anti-gun law it does have similar origins and is a good insight into why gun owners object to so called common sense gun laws proposed by gun-bigots.

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