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Why Gun Laws don’t make gun sense – part 1- a string is a machine gun

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Gun Laws don’t make gun sense: Why gun owners often appose so called common sense gun restrictions.

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Gun owners are often criticized for resisting what gun bigots are pleased to call common sense gun safety (read gun control) measures.

As gun owners we learn the hard way ,,,,, the very hard way that, the real aim of gun control is to ban all civilian firearms ownership. How do we know? Well we know from what happened in England, in Australia, and we’ve heard what our politicians say when pressed or when they think no one is listening.

But more than all of that we know what it is like to live under these laws once they are passed. We learn first hand how the laws are never what they are described to be and how little effort is made by those who write them to fix their errors.

This entry will be the 1st in a series of posts about why gun owners oppose “common sense” gun laws. In short we appose them because proposed gun laws don’t make gun sense.

So where are we starting? How about a shoe string is a machine gun. Thats right in 1996 the BATFE ruled that a shoestring qualified as a machine gun.

What does this have to do with common sense gun laws? One of the common sense gun control measure gun owners have been forced to endure is a ban on fully automatic weapons. To many this sounds reasonable, it promised to keep machine guns out of the hands of criminals and besides they said “no one needs a machine gun…” but after the law is passed and the sound bites are long forgotten gun owners are left living under a prosecution happy federal agency. Catching real criminals is hard work arresting law abiding citizens for possession of shoe string machine gun is easy!

Since it was passed this law has done little if anything to keep fully automatic weapons out of the hands of criminals but it has lead a large, expensive, government agency that has wrongfully prosecuted citizens for possession broken firearms and ……strings

gun laws don’t make gun sense

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