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Gun Laws Don’t make Gun Sense how you can be arrested for possession of a keychain

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Gun laws don’t make gun sense part 3 how you can be arrested for possession of a keychain

Gun owners are often criticized for objecting to what gun-bigots call “common sense” gun regulations or “gun safety laws”

Often these laws are hundreds of pages long and in the propaganda they are reduced to sound bites that sound reasonable but …… once you’ve lived under them …. you realize they are anything but reasonable.

In NJ there are restrictions on hollow point ammunition, when the law was proposed the propaganda said that these rounds were armor piercing “cop killer” bullets, which of course is not the case. But the law passed and remains in affect.

One of the many issues with the law is that possession of a hollow point bullet key chain is punishable by 18 months in prison. This is because the law makes no exemptions for inactive rounds or decorative rounds or jewelry.

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