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Freedom and Firearms

But what about the other 249 people who suffered an accidental death on Dec. 26th

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In the united states about 350 people die from an unintentional injury each day. Of course every loss of human life is tragic, so why don’t we hear about them?

Why are there no massive tv campaigns about the loss of life from dishwashers, power tools, over the counter medication,,,,,, 5 gallon buckets?

Of course part of the reason is that there is political agenda behind these other tools. The other part is because of the misconception that firearms don’t serve a purpose.

If someone dies in a power tool related accident, we say they should be more careful, and we don’t even consider banning them because we need them to build and fix things.

There is a different reaction when it comes to firearms related accidents in a firearms related accident we hear “they must be banned”

But of course firearms do serve a useful function. The function of firearms is defense. And the tragic irony of an accidental injury from your defensive weapon not withstanding…. Firearms are used more than a million times each year in self defense.

As tragic as accidental deaths are, a greater tragedy would be to intentionally sacrifice the lives of millions of law abiding citizens to violent criminals in an effort to lessen the number of accident victims

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