Out of Order James Kaleda

Freedom and Firearms

Gun control leads to more school shootings


Gun rights activists warned the gun bigots that banning guns in schools would put kids in danger. The gun bigots laughed, the gun bigots said it was ridiculous.

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Yet here we are more than 20 years later and we have an increase in school shootings. Are the gun grabbers apologizing? Admitting they were wrong?  Nope, they continue to blame guns and blame the NRA


We haven’t seen an increase in shootings where people are allowed to defend themselves, just where they are not.


That’s because gun free zones aren’t gun free. Gun free zones are actually victim disarmament zones. Gun free zones don’t magically prevent someone willing to commit murder from breaking the law and entering with a firearm, but they DO let any would be killers know that everyone inside is unarmed and unable to fight back.


If you want to stop school shootings the answer is to allow teachers and staff to be armed. It doesn’t need to be mandatory, it doesn’t have to be every teacher. In fact it is better if no one knows which teachers are armed or how many.


Knowing that one or more of the staff is armed will act as a deterent