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Freedom and Firearms

30,000 gun deaths vs millions of lives saved


We often hear the anti gun groups say we have a “gun violence epidemic”. They want to ban guns, the public doesn’t it want it so they create an imaginary “epidemic” to try and gain support

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30,000 gun deaths a year is a huge loss of life. It seems larger when it is inaccurately presented as 30,000 gun murders a year as the left likes to do.


They don’t like to acknowledge, even though it has been pointed out to them that, that 30,000 number includes suicides, defensive use of firearms, justified police shootings and about 10,000 gun murders a year.


Another thing they don’t like to talk about is the defensive use of firearms. There are as many as 2.5 million defensive uses of firearms a year. The left hates that number even though it has been repeatedly confirmed the gun bigots came out with their own study that found only 106,000 defensive uses of firearms per year.


How about that they tried to disprove the defensive use of firearms and even with all their lies the best they could do was three times as many lives saved with firearms as lost each year


So if you really cared about saving lives would you try and take away the tool used by millions of Americans to defend themselves? Of course not, so if its not saving lives what is the motive of the anti-gunners? Only one motive makes sense…. They want to ban guns and they’ll tell whatever lie they need to get it done.