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Okay you do have the right to health care but not the way you think.

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Okay you do have the right to health care but not the way you think. In a different article I explain the difference between positive and negative rights and I demonstrated how guaranteeing Healthcare would be a positive right that violates the natural rights of anyone burdened to provide said care.

And in that article we defined Healthcare has the right to medical treatment and medical insurance provided by someone else and so a right to healthcare would constitute a positive right.
But what if we redefine what is meant by Healthcare? Could we turn healthcare into a negative right?
If we Define health care as one’s efforts to maintain one’s life and increase one’s longevity then we could argue that Healthcare is an extension of the right to life. In fact protecting ones health and longevity is one of the responsibilities that come with the right to life. Defined this way health care is a natural right, but t the guarantee is different. The right to health care doesn’t guarantee us medical treatment or Insurance, instead it protects us from others interfering with our health.¬† You’re right to Health Care is not be violated by someone refusing to treat you or refusing to insure you. Instead it it is violated when the government interfered with our efforts to protect our health or longevity.
For instance our right to health care is violated when:
  • The government put a restriction on the number of medical schools in the country.
  • The government¬†limits the number of new doctors each year
  • The government passes laws that stop you from seeking treatment from an alternative medical practice.
  • The government passes laws that stop you from trying unaproved medicines
  • The government bans medicines that might be helpful to you
  • The government requires licensing of medical practitioners or insurers
All of these interfering actions by the government inhibit you from investigating and pursuing what you deem to be the best course of action for maintaining your own health and longevity, they all increase the cost of providing health care and none offer any protection.
It doesn’t matter if you happen to be in the happy circumstance not the choice you want to make is legal and unrestricted what matters is that the choice isn’t yours. You might say you want a American Medical Association approved doctor to treat you for all of your symptoms but your right to healthcare is still restricted because the government stops you from choosing another type of accreditation or no accreditation at all.
When we look at the totality of the evidence we see that health care is better guaranteed by the absence of government interference not by government mandate.

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