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8 gun books banned on Amazon , that you can now get for free!

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The gun rights deniers have been going nuts over downloadable 3-d files, shutting down websites, blocking access to websites, pulling files off Amazon and…. pulling books off Amazon.

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I don’t know if the gun grabbers forgot, never knew ,or are pretending to be unaware of the fact that there were dozens of books written on how to build firearms at home. Firearms that are easier to build, less expensive to build, and way more powerful than the “liberator”

Mind you I’m not nockin on Defense Distributed in any way. I’m particularly fond of how he sent faxes to all the anti-gun groups saying  when he released the liberator saying

“It’s over

I just want to put the hysteria of the gun bigots in perspective 🙂 I mean what’s the big deal about a liberator when you can build a bazooka 😉

Here are 3 great gun books that you can’t buy on Amazon any more,  but you can get for free.

These are books that you may not want to put to use today but will definitely be handy when the shtf

**I think this is a good spot in the article for the obligatory virtue signaling disclaimer about these books being for informational purposes only and to follow all applicable laws. **

The Home made guns and ammo book by Ronald Brown will give you instructions on how to make a shotgun out of some pipes and scraps of wood or just a couple of pipes. And quite a bit more.

Single shot shotgun not your thing? Have a bit more skills? check out these books on building sub-machine guns

PA Luty’s book the 9mm sub-machine gun

Expedient homemade firearms VOL II  

The Sten Gun

22 Machine pistol

Do it yourself submachine gun

Want something a little higher power? Well Bill Holmes has instructions for making your own prototypes here and he also has instructions on how to build a 50 caliber rifle.

Still not enough that’s fine there is a manual out there available for free that tells you how to build a bazooka