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Prime day for gun nuts


Just thought I’d through a quick post up about prime day. not so easy with Amazon crashing all day. And I’m creating this on a chrome book that has no spell check so …. bare with me please 🙂

shooting specials

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hunting specials

I had the non-bio version of this for awhile, works really well and I’m not a fan of bio-locks…. I suspect they may not be reliable when bloody or sweaty but …. since this one is currently selling for less than the non-bio one I purchased …. could always turn the bio- off

This will probably be one of those things I wished I purchased if I ever learn to shoot past 100y

What kind of deer are these people skinning ….. NJ deer skin comes right off ….

wow fancy and inexpensive borescope

wow nikon scopes good prices

well I gotta bunch more to give away but if ya can’t wait …

I kinda like this one,,,,normal size handle on a small knife

I can’t think of a reason to put a bayonette on a pistol but ……if its on sale….

MArcus MAx will probablly get tired of telling me why I shouldn’t buy a $50 3-9×50 but I’m still skeptical

Wow lots of holsters on primeday

funny thing about stunguns ….. they’re only cool in places where you can’t have them….atleast this one has a flashlight.

Well it’s $300 less than I’ve ever seen it but still $300 more than what I have to pay for it

No this isn’t what I was looking for when I searched for “bows” but I think you know that amazon

BEst thing about this is its a subscribe and save 🙂

I think….. this is the one I use