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Recently the gun rights deniers have been all up in arms (pun intended)  about 3-D printing and the making for “ghost guns”. Many States have jumped on the bandwagon proposing bills that would prevent people from purchasing parts, downloading 3-D plans, and  all kinds of silly restrictions. Silly not just because prohibition never works, but silly because the instructions for making firearms have been readily and easily available for decades!


I don’t know when the 1st book on how to make homemade firearms was printed,  I don’t know when the 1st person who noticed that certain pipes at the hardware store were the same diameter of his 12 gauge shotgun barrel. But instruction’s have been out there for a while and up until recently you could order gun making books from Amazon. In fact all of the books below were, until recently, available on Amazon.  


Let’s face it the idea of 3-D printing a firearm is nice but right now the technology doesn’t lend it self well to building firearms.  In the meantime obviously we still want to protect our 1st and 2nd amendment rights. It is likely that 3-D printers will someday become one of the best options for manufacturing firearms parts, until then there are several books available for free on the Internet at allow you the build firearms with tools you have lying around your house.


The Home made guns and ammo book by Ronald Brown will give you instructions on how to make a shotgun out of some pipes and scraps of wood or just a couple of pipes. And quite a bit more.


If you have a bit more skill, in the shop, than me,  well there’s at least 5 books available online right now, for free, on how to build submachine guns with parts you get at home depot and tools you probably have in your workshop.


PA Luty’s book the 9mm sub-machine gun

Expedient homemade firearms VOL II  

The Sten Gun

22 Machine pistol

Do it yourself submachine gun

This is probably a good time for me to make the obligatory virtue signaling disclaimer about following all applicable laws. PA Luty was incarcerated for making some of his designs.

Want something a little higher power? Well Bill Holmes has instructions for making your own prototypes here and he also has instructions on how to build a 50 caliber rifle.


Still not enough that’s fine there is a manual out there available for free that tells you how to build a bazooka!


All of this kind of makes the Liberator pistol seem a little superfluous, no?  Now maybe you’re thinking “James it’s all fine and dandy to build firearms but now the left the anti gunners they want to control ammunition to”  That’s ok you can find instructions on building ammo here



Gun Powder? There is actually a gunpowder cookbook written by Don Mclean


Want to quiet things down a bit? Well  there’s more than a handful of books on how to make homemade silencers including:


How to make disposable silencers

Hayduke Silencer book

Workbench Silencers

More Workbench Silencers


M All this information is available for free, has been available for years. So why are the gun bigots so excited now? Could it really be that they never noticed free bazooka plans were available online? Or is this all this outrage just pretense to make further infringements on our 2nd amendment rights?


James Kaleda outspoken gun rights activist and Anarcho-capitalist, known for challenging anti-gun politicians. He is the host of the Out of Order Gun rights podcast, which is a member of the Self defense Radio Network. The podcast features in depth interviews with pro-gun authors, gun rights activists, firearms trainers, hunters, and those who have used firearms defensively.  He aims to dispel anti-gun myths created through media bias. You can find him at www.outoforderjameskaleda.com Facebook, twitter, minds, mewee. The podcast is available on itunes and pretty much everywhere else. James has also created the following useful sites for gun owners.

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