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Ep 106 Paul Bookman Patriot Picket

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Paul Brockman Patriot Picket

Angry anarchists, communists, and bernie supporters oh my!

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Angry anarchists, communists, and bernie supporters oh my!


What do you do when anti-gun politicians pass infringement after infringement despite continuous outrage and objection from the people? Well in this week’s episode of the out of order gun rights podcasts we speak to Paul Brockman media spokesman for Patriot Picket an organization founded by Jeff and Kevin Hulbert in 2016. They are based in MD but they help gun owners across the country


Sick of their testimony being ignored by the elected gun bigots they formed a picket line. And just like the Spartans at the hot gates they corral the gun grabbing politicians through a narrow passage and force them to acknowledge their tory-like behavior.  


They didn’t just do this once they do it every MONDAY! I gotta hand it to them most gun owners don’t even shoot once a week and these guys stand up for their rights once a week. It must drive the gun prohibitionists crazy.   


And these gun loving patriotic American’s didn’t stop there they brought their picket to the 2016 DNC where they confronted angry anarchists, communists, and bernie supporters (I assume Paul meant an-coms and not AnCaps). They frequently defend the rights of gun owners in DC, and they’ve even helped with a counter protest outside NRA headquarters


We talk about:

how they organize, and recruit

The succusses they’ve had

The challenges gun owners face in MD

Their participation of in the walkaway march and

Their protest outside the redhen restaurant



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