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Freedom and Firearms

30,000 gun deaths a year and all the lies that go with it


The anti-gunners like to throw around that there are 30,000 gun deaths a year. What they leave out, despite being reminded, is that 30,000 gun deaths includes suicides, police justified shootings, and defensive shootings.

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Ted Nugent did an excellent job breaking this down in June 2017, I can hardly improve on it, so here a link

None of the regulations proposed by the gun grabbers would do anything to combat these tragic deaths. Even with a complete gun ban these deaths would still occur since banning firearms would do nothing to address the causes of suicide or murder.

All this begs two questions
1) if they continue to sell the same lie even when its been exposed why should we trust anything they say?

2) If they aren’t concerned about saving lives, what is their real agenda?