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2nd amendment today Tuesday Sept 11th

2 mintute today for 2A

2nd amendment today Tuesday Sept 11th

Todays episode of the out of Order Gun rights Podcast

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Today’s interview is with Tom Kehoe he is the chairman of the Project Appleseed oversight comittiee. We talk about project appleseed how it started and their mission to train the next generation of American Marksman

Upcoming episode of the out of Order Gun rights Podcast

Tomorros Ep 73 John Annoni author, teacher and founder of camp compass  an orginazation that has been teaching inner city kids to hunt for over 20 years

Thursday Jay Factor is back and we talk about how gun smugglers in NJ helped the american revoloution

Todys interviews of future Out of Order Gun Rights Guests 

I interviewed Denton McLaughlin this morning about his gun friendly facebook group for RV enthusiasts

2nd amendment news today

NRA School Shield Awards More Than $600,000 in Grants To Fund School Security

more: https://www.ammoland.com/2018/09/nra-school-shield-awards-more-than-600000-in-grants-to-fund-school-security/#ixzz5Qp7HVBtK
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Pro-2A Student Shuts Down Anti-Gun Syllabus

 other pro-gun podcasts released today

Armed Lutheran Radio This week on Armed Lutheran Radio we introduce you to Brett Grayson, better known to his students as “Dr. G”, host of Tactical Pay Radio, another of the great podcasts on the Self Defense Radio Network. Mia has another tip for rifle shooting, Sgt. Bill reviews the Glock 34 MOS, and Aaron has an important gun safety tip.

Shooters Nation What is Your Range Routine? In this episode, David and Mark discuss their personal routines at the shooting range.