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2nd amendment today Monday Sept 10th

2 mintute today for 2A

2nd amendment today Monday Sept 10th

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Blocked from facebook again!

Today’s out of order podcast interview

I really enjoyed this interview with Kenn Blanchard. He is a Pastor,Author, podcast host. He’s also a Marine, former federal police officer, and has worked as a firearms trainer for the CIA.

We talk about gun rights activisim before the internet, bam bam university, and a little about music, werewolves, and motorcycles


Preview of recent Out of Order gun rights podcast interview 

This moring I interviewed Kirk Yatras from Firearms Owners United we talk about gun rights in Austrilia, the ban that took place in 96, the additional gun bans that have taken place since then, and his current lawsuit against the state which is illegally  trying to reclassify his pistol as a rifle thant interview airs on 24th and in the meantime here is a link to his gofundme

Upcoming Out of Order Gun Rights Podcast episodes 

Tomorrows episode is of Tom Kohe he is chairman of the project appleseed oversight comittie  and custom holster maker.

Wednesday is John Annoni founder of camp compas an orginazation that takes inner city kids hunting.

Thursday Jay Factor is back and we talk about gun smuggling in NJ during the revoultionary war

Other 2a News 

Speaking of facebook…. a recent article in Forbes talks about how ranges end up in facebook jail

How gun ranges get put in facebook jail


11,000 bear permits sold in NJ despite the hunting ban


Anthony Colandro received the 2nd  amendment activists of the year award

Is there a cost to banning all felons from owning guns?: Pregnant woman who killed intruder in justified shooting now faces felony gun charge due to previous marijuana conviction

If we don’t fight we can’t win and we can win


David Hogg commits another felony. 1st extrosion of S&W and now he wants Canadians to make illegal donations to American elections ….. guess it is only a problem if the Russians do it.


A 16yr old girl in Spanway washington uses a firearm to succussfully defend against an  intruder


Pro-gun podcasts released today

Gun for hire ep380

Dad HackersFirearms safety instructor Zac Sterling joins us today to talk about the complete personal protection plan, pistol and firearms safety, situational awareness, and how to educate our children about firearms.