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“In NJ we are under an unprecedented assault on our right to self defense”

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Help Mark in his self funded supreme court case to restore carry in NJ

Mark and I jumped right into the details of his case to restore carry in NJ, and there is some important background information that help during this interview

  1. NJ has aprox 9 million residents, 1 million gun owners, and only 400+/- carry permits
  2. To acquire a carry permit one must complete an application, provide 3 references, and appear before a superior court judge
  3. NJ is a may issue state, but one has to prove “justifiable need” before they qualify and the burden is nearly impossible to meet. So much so that if you meet the criteria you will likely be killed by your “justifiable need” before the application process is completed

Taking Justifiable Need to the Supreme court


“In NJ we are under an unprecedented assault on our right to self defense” – Mark Cheeseman


It’s great that we have a conservative majority on the bench, we can be,,,,, certain isn’t the right work but for now…. we can be more certain that gun cases that make it to the supreme court will come out in favor of gun owners.


I recorded this interview with – Mark Cheeseman months before Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment. Even so I was still wondering whether or not we could rely on the SCOTUS to protect the 2nd amendment.  


But will that be enough? Can we rest now?


After all We have a NJ politician saying that “everything is constitutional until someone sues you” So much so that when the a federal court ruled that flashing headlights was protected speech, NJ defied them by passing a law prohibiting flashing headlights.


Why are they so bold? Because they know how long it takes to get a case to the supreme court, and how much it costs to get to the supreme court. The politicians also know that, no matter what, they won’t have to pay the legal bill, they won’t be arrested, and they probably will still win their next election.


This leaves me wondering if not the supreme court, who can we count on to protect our 2A rights? In the end the burden falls on us, individually. That’s one of the great things about Mark Cheeseman, his willingness and determination to fight the good fight. Fight all the way to the Supreme Court regardless of how many people tell him it is impossible and how expensive it is.   


Want to know what the process is really like? Give a listen here



The podcast is available on itunes and pretty much everywhere else. James has also created the following useful sites for gun owners.

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Mark Cheeseman at the 2018 2nd amendment rally in Trenton


Books Discussed on the show

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