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Tony Simon

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Tony Simon, United States Marine,  founder of Simon Says Train and organizer of the Diversity Shoots I am happy to have Tony Simon on the out of order podcast for an interview today. We hear what inspired him to start training and the diversity and he shares his advice on bringing people into the shooting …

Paul Lathrop

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Paul Lathrop Paul Lathrop is a truck driver, podcast host, and gun rights activist.  He Is the host of the Polite Society Podcast, founder of Self Defense Radio Network and an organizer of the Amm-Con conference.   Become a Patron! When it comes to defending our second amendment right and preserving our hunting and shooting …

Mark Cheeseman

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Become a Patron! “In NJ we are under an unprecedented assault on our right to self defense” Help Mark in his self funded supreme court case to restore carry in NJ Mark and I jumped right into the details of his case to restore carry in NJ, and there is some important background information that …

Anthony Colandro founder of Gun For Hire

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Welcome to episode 1 of the Out of Order podcast! Anthony Colandro is a capitalist marksman, founder of Gun for Hire and the host of the Gun for Hire radio podcast. Anthony frequently testifies in Trenton NJ in opposition to NJ gun laws. Anthony’s range and training center is simultaneously antagonizing to anti-gunners and welcoming …