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It’s not the hunters


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It’s not the hunters, seems like everytime there’s an issue with participation in New Jersey gun rights events someone chimes in “its the hunters” or “its the funds”  and it’s just not the case.

It’s an understandable conclusion to come to. Even though we all know  that the 2nd amendment is about defense of life liberty and property when people think of gun owners,  often the 1st thing that comes to mind is hunting.

As it stands in New Jersey there’s an estimated one million gun owners and last time I looked only 70,000 hunting licenses sold each year and that includes bow only licenses. That leaves 930,000 gun owners unaccounted for.

I don’t mean to harp on people who bring this up. There are definitely some unheard voices out there but we can’t keep looking for hunters that don’t exist. We need to start asking ourselves what the demographics makes up the 930000 nonparticipating gun owners.