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ep 102 Jane Milhans

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Jane Milhans Volunteer with vote no on I-1639

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Anyone remember the movie Heathers? One of the characters gets the entire school to sign a petition to end suicide and in the end he rips off the front page and really they had all signed a suicide pact

I remember thinking, no one would fall for that,  I can’t believe anyone would sign a petition without reading it and yet apparently that’s what has been happening in the state of Washington there is a 32 page proposed gun control ballot initiative and no one who signed the petition saw, let alone read the 32 pages.

Today’s interview is with Jane a volunteer with vote no on i1639 give a listen you won’t believe the corruption and lies that went into this

The anti-gunners are pushing hard to pass I-1639 in WA state. They are testing  it out there so they can roll it out here. I-1639 is a flawed and misguided gun-control ballot initiative that will take away  Second Amendment rights without reducing violent crime in Washington State.

Just because this is taking place in WA doesn’t mean gun owners elsewhere can afford to ignore it. It has long been the practice of anti-gunners to test laws in one state before pushing them nation wide.

NJs 1960’s FID law became the brady law, NJs assault weapons ban became the nationwide assault weapons ban.

Check out episode 102 of the out of order gun rights podcast Jane and I go into the details of this unconstitutional, unconscionable infringements on our 2nd amendment rights


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Washington Policy Center Analysis of 1639: https://www.washingtonpolicy.org/library/doclib/Guppy-Citizens-Guide-to-Initiative-1639-to-enact-new-restrictions-on-firearms-ownership-in-Washington-state.pdf

More information about WA 1639: https://www.nraila.org/?page=0&state=1595&startDate=20171022&endDate=20181022&search=&contentBuckets=#latest-news





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