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Walter Block

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30,000 gun deaths a year and all the lies that go with it

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The anti-gunners like to throw around that there are 30,000 gun deaths a year. What they leave out, despite being reminded, is that 30,000 gun deaths includes suicides, police justified shootings, and defensive shootings. Ted Nugent did an excellent job breaking this down in June 2017, I can hardly improve on it, so here a …

Gun control leads to more school shootings

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Gun rights activists warned the gun bigots that banning guns in schools would put kids in danger. The gun bigots laughed, the gun bigots said it was ridiculous.   Yet here we are more than 20 years later and we have an increase in school shootings. Are the gun grabbers apologizing? Admitting they were wrong? …

It’s not the hunters

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Become a Patron! It’s not the hunters, seems like everytime there’s an issue with participation in New Jersey gun rights events someone chimes in “its the hunters” or “its the funds”  and it’s just not the case. It’s an understandable conclusion to come to. Even though we all know  that the 2nd amendment is about …

No, you don’t have a right to health care

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No, you don’t have a right to health care. To many it seems unconscionable, that something as important and necessary as health care isn’t considered a right. However rights aren’t based on how important or necessary something is. Rather they are based on natural law. However important health care is we can demonstrate that it …