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Ep 53 Douglas Welborn from Madison Society

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Douglas Welborn  VP of the Madison Society a California gun rights organization Become a Patron! Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcatcher  Books Links Madison Society Sponsors   Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks Liberty Classroom  Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Ep 8 Shari Spivack

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Shari Spivack is a Chief Range Safety officer, certified NRA instructor, and founder of S.A.W. You can find Shari’s articles on ammoland.com and listen to her recent interviews on Gun for hire radio and the Tom Woods Show Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

Tony Simon

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Tony Simon, United States Marine,  founder of Simon Says Train and organizer of the Diversity Shoots I am happy to have Tony Simon on the out of order podcast for an interview today. We hear what inspired him to start training and the diversity and he shares his advice on bringing people into the shooting …

Paul Lathrop

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Become a Patron! Out of order podcast episode 3 Interview with Paul Lathrop host of the Polite Society Podcast, founder of Self Defense Radio Network and organizer of the Amm-Con conference Politics and Guns Polite Society Podcast The Self Defense Radio Network Gun rights policy confrence Amm-Con   Books Recomended by Paul Latrop Sponsors Try …

30,000 gun deaths a year and all the lies that go with it

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The anti-gunners like to throw around that there are 30,000 gun deaths a year. What they leave out, despite being reminded, is that 30,000 gun deaths includes suicides, police justified shootings, and defensive shootings. Ted Nugent did an excellent job breaking this down in June 2017, I can hardly improve on it, so here a …