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Ep 14 Christopher Smith

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Become a Patron! Christopher Smith founder of Poor Man’s Black Rifle The Mission of PMBR is “That Every American citizen legally and mentally able to own a firearm be able to defend themselves, their family, and their country not depending on their income” In this episode we discuss The founding of PBMR Building a Budget …

Belle McCormack

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Become a Patron! Mom, domestic violence survivor, and firearms trainer at Firearms Academy of Seattle In this episode we discuss Training at FAS How domestic violence lead to her career in firearms training How we react during violent encounters Advice for women living with domestic violence And the Armed Citizens Legal defense network  Books recommended …

Erin Palette

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Become a Patron! Today’s guest is Erin Palette founder of Operation Blazing Sword and co-host of the Assorted Calibers podcast in today’s episode we discuss 1) the starting of operation blazing sword 2) coming out of the gun closet 3) pink pistols and 4) States rights Erin Recommended books by John Gutmacher Masad Ayoob and …

Episode 11 Theresa Inacker

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“We’re not paranoid, we’re vigilant defenders of freedom” Theresa Inacker is a mom, attorney, and 2A advocate. She is currently serving as the communication director of collation of NJ Firearms owners ( CNJFO) In this interview we discuss Theresa’s work with CNJFO, how she got into firearms, NJ’s firearm process, anti-gun sexism, 2A and the …

Ep.9 Rob Morse – Slow Facts Blog

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Become a Patron! Today’s guest is Rob Morse author of the Slow Facts blog.     We talk about the origins of his blog, voting with your feet, the importance of community, volunteering, FASTER training, and personal firearms training. You can find Rob at the Slow Facts Blog, his podcast Self Defense Gun Stories, Crash …

Ep 8 Shari Spivack

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Shari Spivack is a Chief Range Safety officer, certified NRA instructor, and founder of S.A.W. You can find Shari’s articles on ammoland.com and listen to her recent interviews on Gun for hire radio and the Tom Woods Show