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Why Gun Laws don’t make gun sense – part 1- a string is a machine gun

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Gun Laws don’t make gun sense: Why gun owners often appose so called common sense gun restrictions. Gun owners are often criticized for resisting what gun bigots are pleased to call common sense gun safety (read gun control) measures. As gun owners we learn the hard way ,,,,, the very hard way that, the real …

Should Felons be allowed to have guns?

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Should felons be allowed to have guns? There has been a long standing tradition in the united states of prohibiting those convicted of a felonious crime from owning guns. Now at first glance this sounds reasonable, because of course we don’t want murders, rapists, and thieves to have guns. But what does it mean to …

Politically incorrect guide to the Presidents – book review

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the Politically incorrect guide to the presidents…what the heck happened?! I love the politically incorrect guides! And I strongly recommend the Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution, the Politically incorrect guide to Capitalism, the Politically incorrect guide to American History, for anyone involved in gun rights activism, or the liberty movement. All of these are great books …