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PicoPen Whether you’re taking notes at the range or completing your deer harvest tag, having a working EDC pen on hand is a must.  The stainless steel PicoPen offers a quick release from the cap attached to your keychain thanks to magnetic functionality.  Not only will you enjoy this fast-grab feature, but you can also …

FireStash Keychain Lighter

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FireStash Keychain Lighter Fire making tools are high on every survivalist’s list of essentials.   Bics have their drawbacks, and Zippos well zippos are great, but you’ll be happy to hear there’s a minascule lighter just right for your minimalist survivalists instincts.  Shaped like a capsule, this product measures 1.8 inches in length and pops open …

Porter Key Knife

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Ok they call it a multi-tool, but really this key knife would be better named a dual-tool, as it features just a straight edge blade and a bottle opener.  What’s notable is the construction.  It looks a lot like any other key on your ring until you scissor it open to reveal the knife inside …


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QuicKey This 5-in-1 multi-tool in made of stainless steel could probably pass for a key if no one looked too hard. On closer inspection, however, you’ll find a serrated cutting edge, a scoring point, a file, a flathead screwdriver, and a bottle opener. Not only does its small stature (just 2.5 inches in length) make …

Boker Plus 02BO230 Mini Slik Tanto Knife with 2-1/2 in. Straight Edge Blade, Grey

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Boker Plus 02BO230 Mini Slik Tanto Knife with 2-1/2 in. Straight Edge Blade, Grey Just as pocket-friendly as it’s folding knife counterparts, and not half broken, the Boker Plus Mini Slik Tanto Knife may not become your main knife but hey … you always need more than one. It features an aggressive, 2 1/8 inch …