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Anthony Colandro founder of Gun For Hire

Gun Rights, Podcast

Welcome to episode 1 of the Out of Order podcast!

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Anthony Colandro is a capitalist marksman, founder of Gun for Hire and the host of the Gun for Hire radio podcast. Anthony frequently testifies in Trenton NJ in opposition to NJ gun laws. Anthony’s range and training center is simultaneously antagonizing to anti-gunners and welcoming to new shooters.


In this episode we discussed Anthony’s:


  • Recent interview with Loretta Weinberg
  • Campaign for NRA board of directors
  • Moving with your feet
  • And more

Anthony recommended The rise and fall of the Roman empire , the NRA Library and books by John Kopel and John Lott

You can find Anthony Colandro through the links below

Gun for Hire

Gun for hire radio itunes 

Gun for Hire radio on facebook

Gun for hire woodland park range on facebook

Gun for Hire on twitter 

Gun for Hire on youtube

Anthony was recently interviewed on the “Riding shotgun with Charlie” podcast check it out

Some of Anthony Colandro’s testimony in Trenton NJ can be seen below


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