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Yes we should be afraid and outraged

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Below is my reply to an irresponsible article “Fear Mongering in N.J. 2A” written by jason seidmana  a former NJ prosecutor turned defense attorney, trying to make a name for himself as a firearms lawyer. While at the same time minimizing the risks faced by NJ gun owners. The “it’s no big deal” attitude displayed …

Lt Col Grossman

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Lt Col Grossman   Become a Patron!   Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcatcher  Find us on Minds | MeWe | Gab | Gunstreamer Links Killology  Lt Col Grossman on Facebook Books   Sponsors Scott Shot  Whether you are taking a class as a complete beginner, or an experienced, highly competent shooter seeking an NRA Instructor certification, …

Laser trainers

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Many gun owners see laser trainers and thing “why” but when paired with regular live-fire training, laser devices can have a positive  impact on shooters. They save you money and let you train where ever you want laser trainers allow you practice drawing, trigger control and target acquisition virtually anywhere. They are also great for …

Home made Firearms before 3-d printing

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Henry Giveaway Ghost guns that time forgot Recently the gun rights deniers have been all up in arms (pun intended)  about 3-D printing and the making for “ghost guns”. Many States have jumped on the bandwagon proposing bills that would prevent people from purchasing parts, downloading 3-D plans, and  all kinds of silly restrictions. Silly …

Armed citizens stop active shooters 94% of the time – Riley T Bowman ep 108

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Riley T. Bowman This week’s episode is an interview with Riley Bowman from concealedcarry.com. Riley is the Creator and host of The Concealed Carry Podcast,  oversees content production, and is also the director of training.  Riley is an NRA Pistol Instructor, a Colorado P.O.S.T. Certified Law Enforcement Handgun and Patrol Rifle Instructor. He recently  won …

8 gun books banned on Amazon , that you can now get for free!

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Henry Giveaway The gun rights deniers have been going nuts over downloadable 3-d files, shutting down websites, blocking access to websites, pulling files off Amazon and…. pulling books off Amazon. I don’t know if the gun grabbers forgot, never knew ,or are pretending to be unaware of the fact that there were dozens of books …