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Ep 24 Charlie Cook Riding Shotgun with Charlie

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Become a Patron! Charlie Cook musician, music teacher, and gun rights podcaster You can find him at riding shotgun with Charlie , on youtube , the podcast , and his gun gram youtube channel  Charlie recomended a book by Jeff Cooper that I can’t even find mentioned anywhere ….. if you can find a copy of Modern pistol …

EP23 Cyndee Harding from Cyndee’s Concealed Carry Purses

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Cyndee Harding from Cyndee’s Concealed Carry Purses We discuss what inspired Cyndee to start her company, some of the challenges she faced and the features that make her purses so suitable for carry. Also how the design of each of her purses were inspired by influential people in her life Cyndee recommended the following books …

EP22 Megan McGill

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Today’s interview is with Megan McGill philanthropist and NRA certified firearms instructor. We discuss the origins of her RT foundation, and her plans to offer low cost firearms training to Gold Star family members Megan Recommended the following books   Become a Patron! Sponsors   Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks Liberty Classroom 

Mia Farinelli

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Become a Patron! Mia Farinelli JR Competitive shooter, and DC Project participant In this episode we discuss How Mia started shooting Her training regimen for competitive shooting The importance of dry firing Firearms safety Mia’s Frankin-gun AR-15 named “smurfette” You can find her on her Facebook and Instagram pages Mia is sponsored by Sharpshooters Norton …